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Healthcare professionals working in medical offices and hospitals today are faced with growing concerns for the security of their patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI). In an environment that handles such a high volume of personally-identifiable material, maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting personal information and medical history is more than just a courtesy; it’s the law. To protect patient confidentiality and ensure your organization is legally compliant, it is important to utilize an information management strategy like the highly-regulated custom plans offered through URM Technologies. With the help of state-of-the-art Konica Minolta machines equipped with bizhub SECURE technology, URM’s information management structure offers password protection, data encryption, HIPAA-compliant destruction, along with much more to help customize a highly-regulated solution best fit for your medical facility.


Password Protection

Ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your patient records is an important early step in guaranteeing confidentiality. Hard drive password protection provided by bizhub SECURE technology is just one of the powerful tools to protect your data from unauthorized entry. Bizhub Secure allows you to create a secure alphanumeric password (up to twenty digits in length), which is set to lock down your bizhub’s hard drive. This means that not only does your printer/copier require password authentication for use, but confidential material will be protected even if your hard drive is removed from the printer itself.


Data Encryption

Multifunction printers by Konica Minolta offer medical offices leading-edge technology in both hardware and software, enabling your office machines to store important documents on physical hard drives for easy retrieval. To protect any valuable digital information from being compromised, Konica Minolta bizhub SECURE also offers encrypted PDF scanning. By encrypting your stored information, bizhub SECURE prevents unauthorized users from reading private documentation in the hazardous event your equipment or hard drive ends up in the wrong hands. Rest assured, URM ensures the highest standard available in data security.


Compliant Destruction and Disposal

In order to provide complete confidentiality to your patients while maintaining HIPAA compliance in your office, it’s important to consider the safe and secure disposal of all sensitive information. Taking advantage of URM Technologies information management guarantees complete life-cycle security, all the way through to the final stages of destruction. With bizhub SECURE capabilities, you can eliminate any trace of data even after it’s been deleted, in addition to scheduling your Konica Minolta printer to auto-delete any materials located in personal or public user boxes, system user boxes, documents, and folders. Hard copy data is shredded quickly and securely, always meeting HIPAA standards so you never have to worry about security breaches or fines for your highly guarded data.


URM Technologies

In today’s high tech world, maintaining confidentiality for sensitive information can be trickier than one can imagine. From advanced authentication options, data encryption, and defensible destruction mentioned above, to PageScope Enterprise Device Manager for reliable audit trails or mobile notifications about sensitive incoming faxes, a personalized information management strategy from URM Technologies is the key manageable data protection. For more information contact one of our team members today.

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