Fiery proServer for KIP C7800

The advanced Fiery proServer is specifically designed to help you get the most from your KIP C7800 Printer — with high-speed RIP, wide-format production features and state-of-the-art tools that make complicated jobs simple.

Color / B&W


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Other Features

  • Speeds and simplifies your wide-format production with fast RIP Processing
  • Fiery XF is pre-installed and burned in to minimize setup and integration time
  • Pre-installed profiles for 6 high-quality screens and 5 different media
  • Clean color technology keeps saturated tints clean and crisp
  • Dynamic rendering intent automatically optimizes color compression method
  • Custom tiling capability — and custom tiles can be saved as presets for reprinting
  • Perform layout nestings, job-based color adjustments, grommet and cut marks
  • Built-in support for KIP Fold and industry standard cut-marks

Highlighted Accessories

Highlighted Accesories

  • Production Option for tiling, step and repeat, color adjustments (included with Fiery proServer for KIP C7800proServer)
  • Spot Color Option with libraries from Pantone, KHS, HKS 3000 Plus, Toyo, DIC (included)
  • Cut Marks Option supports industry-standard cutting and finishing marks (included)
  • Performance Option for parallel processing of multiple jobs to increase throughput (included)
  • Color Manager Option for custom profiling and workflow optimization for every media and device
  • Color Verifier Option for comparing color values against ISO, G7 or your own quality standards
  • Print & Cut Option for one-step Print & Cut on supported print & cut devices
  • Cut Server Option to drive vinyl cutters and routing tables from industry-leading partners