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The URM Technologies Vision

exceeding customer expectations

URM Technologies has spent years proactively perfecting their vision of exceeding customer expectations by providing the best service. URM Technologies pays tremendous attention to detail for every client. Their focus is creating enterprise content management solutions that fit every business like a glove. The ultimate goal is to help you increase your bottom line by bundling a range of services into one custom plan.

Our Company Values

Our Company Values

URM Technologies stands by their values, which includes a focus on both customers and employees. The average URM Technologies employee stays with the company for over 10 years—and some have been on board for as long as 20 years. A positive workplace creates happy employees, which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

The Core Mission

  • To exceed customer expectations
  • Provide prompt and reliable customer service
  • Provide high quality solutions
  • Treat employees and customers with the utmost respect, honesty, and integrity
  • Foster an environment where communications and teamwork are openly encouraged
  • Encourage personal and professional growth for employees
  • Support and encourage family values
  • Provide and maintain a clean, safe workplace

URM Technologies is Certified by numerous Organizations and Compliant with many Industry Requirements.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions that Exceed Expectations

URM Technologies creates custom solutions for their clients from the ground up. Their innovative solutions will change the way that your company shreds, scans, and stores media.

Technology & Outsourcing Solutions

URM Technologies bundles Enterprise Content Management with outsourcing and imaging to the cloud. Bundling these services makes your information management process efficient and cost-effective.

URM Technologies:

Custom, Convenient, & Secure Data Management Solutions

As a leading source for document management solutions, URM technologies invites you to contact them and learn how bundling solutions can benefit your business. We will carefully listen to the challenges that you have with your business and create a solution that is entirely unique to you.

We Answer the Phone on the Second Ring

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URM Technologies
Instead of piecemealing your solutions, connect the entire lifecycle of your document management. Consult with one of URM Technologies’ experts to learn how you can connect the dots for your entire organization by employing a range of services for a cost-effective, comprehensive workplace document and data content management program.
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