Managed Print Services

Streamline Productivity With

URM Technologies’ Managed Print Services

Let URM Technologies’ expert consultants analyze your current print environment and formulate a plan that will reduce the workload of your IT department and optimize all efforts into one time-saving, cost-cutting service. Do you know how many printers you have and if they are being utilized efficiently? By consolidating your systems, productivity increases while downtime decreases. Whether you are a national organization or a small business, URM Technologies focuses on streamlining your entire workflow so you can focus on growing your business.

Reinventing Your Office’s Print Strategy

A Reliable Print Management System That Works for You

URM Technologies, a specialist in managing the lifecycle of your documents, is proud to be partnering with Konica Minolta to provide your office with complete document management efficiency. Managed print service solutions come in variety of forms and can be tailored to your business. Ever wonder how many prints you make per month and how much it costs each time you click to print? Thanks to URM Technologies’ optimized print services, your company can implement a custom modernized networked printing system that tracks your exact cost per click.

You benefit from a combination of consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management. Lower your document spend and move towards less printing, less paper and lower overall maintenance. This is the workplace of tomorrow.

Optimize How You Work, How You Print

and How You Communicate

The core strategic services URM Technologies and Konica Minolta use to implement, address and enhance your print strategy are: IT Services, Management Services and Technology. Your business is different from every other business, by understanding how you work and what your team requires, we’ll ensure that you get the print management solutions that suits your organization’s vision. We’ll optimize how you work, how you print, and how you communicate.

Keep Up with the Changing Technological Landscape

Make Sure Your Office is Prepared

Asset Tracking and Print Management
URM Technologies makes it possible to track your printer assets, and receive reports regularly that provide a statistical analysis for account and compliance purposes. We’ll reveal the true cost of utilization and operations.

Fleet Deployment Made Personal
Deploy the perfect printer setup and establish a reliable system at the lowest cost and with the smallest environmental impact.

Managing New Equipment
Become proactive. We’ll help you manage your equipment, resolve technical issues, and track your print, consumables, and service costs.

Improving Your Security
User authentication and secure hard disk handling of devices you dispose will ensure that your confidential information stays safe, always. We’ll design and implement an integrated information security solution to meet and exceed your requirements

Optimal Retirement Cycles
We’ll help you recognize when cost of ownership becomes larger than the cost of new equipment with an optimal device retirement cycle analysis.

Protecting the Environment
By using plant based toner and minimizing power consumption, our solutions are environmentally friendly without compromising your workplace efficiency. With actionable data you will be able to reduce your environmental impact and meet, or exceed your corporate sustainability goals.

One Company, One Invoice

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URM Technologies
Instead of piecemealing your solutions, connect the entire lifecycle of your document management. Consult with one of URM Technologies’ experts to learn how you can connect the dots for your entire organization by employing a range of services for a cost-effective, comprehensive workplace document and data content management program.
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