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Organize and protect your sensitive records so that your firm operates smoothly and efficiently. Let us handle document management so that you can focus on your clients.

We Understand the Challenges of the Legal Industry:

  • Massive inflow of paper documents
  • Constantly searching for records
  • Enormous space requirements for storage
  • Difficulty collaborating with multiple associates
  • Mandatory document retention policies
  • Time and money wasted on administrative work

And We Help Your Firm Overcome Them:

Accelerate YOUR access 

to organized information by indexing case documents based on title, content, authorship and customized criteria so that they can be found again with just a few quick clicks.

Easily extract information

from contracts, hand-written letters, police reports, and more with intelligent scanning technology. Capture and convert structured and non-structured information so that it can be stored, transmitted, and formatted.

Protect highly sensitive CASE information

with superior controls. Conveniently share files of any size amongst authorized associates and dictate how users access and export information with comprehensive permissions controls.

Minimize administrative expenses

with software that automates repetitive processes like Bates stamping, redaction, and other paper-intensive operations. Drastically reduce data-entry time and associated costs.

Decrease real estate spend

by utilizing our offsite storage solutions for mandatory document retention, complete with barcode inventory tracking, temperature-controlled facilities, and 24/7 web portal viewing capabilities.

Securely destroy and dispose

of electronic or hardcopy records in compliance with NAID regulations. Manage the entire lifecycle of your documents from inventory to secure destruction.

Comprehensive Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the precise collection and organization of information/data so that it is easily accessible to be used in business operations. United Records Management increases our client’s bottom line by designing custom, highly-efficient ECM solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use. In order to be effective, records must be correctly categorized, stored, securely archived, and readily found again when needed. 

Our Online Records Management systems allow our clients to track and manage their files at any time in their real-time web viewing portal. Know exactly where your files are – at all times. RSWeb technology manages the lifecycle of all items, so our clients rest assured knowing that they are able to retrieve documents in just a few click with our document retrieval software. Additionally, URM keeps a copy of every data record filed, in the case of natural disaster. 

No matter how big or small your company, United Records Management can provide lock-tight storage for your hardcopy, tape, or electronic documents. Our clients are covered 100% of the time with cutting-edge technology. Our team scans your backup media into a highly secure retrieval system that you can also access at any point. Your information is the most safe and secure when it is in our hands. 

SecureDrive is URM’s proprietary, simple to use hosting service that allows clients to organize and store content, automate workflows, and manage the entire lifecycle of their files and documents securely. It is constantly updated and always evolving to stay ahead of security threats. SecureDrive exceeds the most intense security-compliance needs of the healthcare, financial, and legal industries. 

There is no need to have file cabinets or onsite storage for your databases any longer. URM uses intelligent scanning and cloud solutions for every business to quickly scan, validate, and retrieve large volumes of data accurately. United Records Management has the highest quality control standards in the business for a fraction of the cost, which is why we are the experts preferred by the medical, biotech, and aerospace industries.

We have partnered with Konica Minolta to streamline our clients’ workflow by designing custom systems for more efficient printing in the workplace. We help businesses cut costs and save time by consolidating their current printing systems and implementing a modern, networked printing system that can calculate and track their exact cost per click/print.

URM is dedicated to achieving maximum security and efficiency for your business, and it begins at your content’s inception. We rent and service the finest high-volume printers, copiers and scanners in the industry. Plus, bundling multi-function copiers with other document management services, for example, enables URM to offer the most all-inclusive, cost-effective solutions you will find. 

Think of URM as a full-coverage insurance policy for your documents, data, records and media. We are the leading provider of document storage solutions, offering our clients the best in transport, storage, and digital retrieval, complete with disaster recovery services, backup servers, and temperature controlled vaults. 

Our shredding equipment is designed to destroy high volumes of documents or media anytime. Whether you discard hundreds or thousands of documents, need a one-time or ongoing service, URM is your go-to solution for any information destruction needs. Our services are secure, precise, 100% confidential, and environmentally friendly! 

Increase Efficiency & Agility

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