Online Records Management

Retrieve Your Documents with a Touch of A Button

Gain the advantage of having the most advanced document retrieval software available in the industry Powered by O’Neil Software, the world’s top developer of record center software. RSWeb technology allows you to retrieve documents in just a few clicks. URM Technologies ensures the vital security of all data and records management.

Real-Time RSWeb Technology Eliminates Downtime

RS Web technology provides security that is an insurance policy in case of natural disaster. United Records Management keeps a copy of every data record. This cost-effective approach allows you to concentrate on your core business.

URM Technologies’
Real-Time Management Technology

Real-time Web
Viewing Portal

Track and manage files
and boxes on-line

Peace of

Know exactly where
files are at all times.

Barcodes to
Accurately Track

Easily inventory and manage
large volumes of records.

Audit Trails
are Created

RSWeb manages the lifecycle
for all storage items

Secure Wireless

A secure, real-time network
for accurate inventory

Regular Software

Ensures leading edge
technology at all times

Customize Risk Assessment with URM Technologies’ Experts

URM Technologies complies with regulations and remains proactive with their records storage solutions. URM Technologies completes full risk assessment evaluations and creates a plan that is right for your business. We also offer bundled service discounts.

Less Paper, More Content

Request A Meeting With One of Our Experts

URM Technologies
Instead of piecemealing your solutions, connect the entire lifecycle of your document management. Consult with one of URM Technologies’ experts to learn how you can connect the dots for your entire organization by employing a range of services for a cost-effective, comprehensive workplace document and data content management program.
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