Frequently Asked Questions

Some key factors: Frees up high cost of office space, outsourcing allows your business to focus on what they do best, provides off site backup, higher level of security.

Storage pricing is based on a “per box” rate. Pricing levels are also based on volume. Shredding pricing is based on frequency and volume.

We design our service offering to meet our customer’s needs and insure customer satisfaction. We are so confident our service will meet your requirements that we waive any removal penalty within the first 12 months.

We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On an emergency basis, we can get your data to you within three hours.

Our facility is fully alarmed, has state-of-the-art Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) zoned sprinkler system, and security monitors. Our building sits back from the street, is unmarked, and has a gated loading area, with exterior security cameras and is monitored 24 hours per day.

We will assign your company a customer service person to handle your account. This individual’s primary responsibility is to make sure you get quality service. Our customer service people are accessible and committed. We also guarantee our service. If you are dissatisfied with our performance we will deliver your records/data to you free of charge.

No. If you choose to have URM Technologies maintain control of your records in our records database, we will update you continually on the status of your inventory. You choose the level of detail you require. If you choose to control your records database through your own PC, you have all the information at your fingertips. We also have the information backed-up in our computer network system which is backed up daily.

We will provide you with an inventory for all your information designating aisle, shelf, and row where your information is located.

The first step is to set up a retention schedule, so you will know which records or data to keep and when it should be destroyed. Our staff can perform this service with you.

No. For efficiency purposes we put your data in the first available empty space. Our bar code inventory system insures that your information is specifically located. This also provides you with an additional level of security as your data is not stored in one area exclusively.

Yes. Our records software, from O’Neil Software, is the best in the industry and is continually updated to maintain that position. Our Scan on Demand, document imaging, and disaster recovery services are periodically reviewed to incorporate new ideas.

URM Technologies can provide all the storage space that you require and much more. We have plenty of room for expansion.

Each carton is given a unique barcode that not only identifies the box, but also tells us the exact location on the shelf so the box can be accessed easily and quickly.

URM Technologies furnishes a 3-part label. You enter the pertinent information on the data sheet; one remains with you, and the other is sent to us for data processing. Detach the bar coded label and place it on the box. Call us for a pick-up, and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, as long as they are “industry standard” sized boxes or you can buy them from us.

URM Technologies is a full-service records center that can accommodate all of your pickup/delivery requirements. In addition, we guarantee a three-hour response time for rush deliveries

URM Technologies will provide you with preprinted box labels. You will affix the labels to your boxes and call United Document Storage to arrange a pickup.

Same day delivery service is available for items requested before 12:00 p.m. at your regular rate. Requests made after 12:00 p.m. will be delivered the morning of the next business day. In addition, we can set specific times for your delivery schedule, i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly. URM Technologies also offers ASAP delivery. (Within 3 hours of request).

For security purposes, we require all of our customers to sign a designation form that lists only those persons you authorize to ask for your records. No one else will be allowed access to your files. URM Technologies guarantees confidentiality.

You can request an inventory printout when you send new boxes. In addition, we can provide you with a listing of your complete inventory. If you have connectivity to URM Technologies via your computer to RSWeb you can access your inventory via our website. In addition, all boxes are barcoded for ease in identification and retrieval.

We send destruction notices per request and require our clients to sign off on a Destruction Authorization Form prior to any records being destroyed. Once the records are destroyed United Document Storage’s Operations Manager certifies the destruction, signs the Destruction Authorization Form and the original is returned to the client for their records.

Please see your pricing schedule for all storage and service rates and yes, the size of the storage carton does make a difference.


It’s the law. You cannot just throw confidential documents away. Breaking the law could jeopardize your company’s future. Shredding your sensitive documents helps ensure that sensitive information does not end up in a competitor’s hands. Click here to find out more about Secure Document Destruction.

Our processing capabilities reach up to 3,000 pounds per hour and our automatic feeding and dumping features ensure 100% confidentiality. Unlike hand-fed mechanisms, your documents remain unseen by our document shredding technician. An onboard monitoring system further ensures that all your sensitive information is indeed destroyed on-site with our advanced proprietary cross-cut system.

Our trucks feature enclosed automated equipment where all shredding takes place on board, never requiring hand feeding. This allows for hands off document destruction on-site, ensuring complete confidentiality and compliance with government regulations. We are one of the document destruction companies in Southern California to use this state-of-the-art technology. Our technicians never see your documents or worry about documents being blown

As partners, both you and URM Technologies are left feeling comfortable and secure knowing we’ve upheld the law and your documents are completely destroyed … with virtually no difference in price. With off-site shredding, there’s always the possibility of a breach in security. Documents that are shredded off-site are first hand-sorted by color and purity. Clean, white paper is more valuable than colored paper. This may mean an extended discount price but it’s not worth the loss of complete confidentiality. There have also been known instances where trucks transporting documents have gotten into accidents and the documents they were carrying were scattered along freeways and/or city streets. This is a risk most are not willing to take.

We accept any kind of paper file or document.

Laws vary depending on the type of document. Click here to find out how long particular documents need to be stored before destruction.

URM Technologies can set up a regular pick up time or we’ll accommodate your seasonal, one-time and other needs.

If you total the cost of in-house labor for shredding all your sensitive information you will likely discover that URM Technologies can do it for less. You will save money and won’t have to worry about whether your materials are properly destroyed.

Customers can watch on-site destruction personally. A Certificate of Destruction is immediately issued for all materials destroyed by URM Technologies at no additional cost.

As a member of NAID, URM Technologies adheres to strict industry standards. For your protection, our employees are bonded, insured, background checked and drug screened.

URM Technologies recycles all the shredded material assisting in your business’ compliance with the California Waste Management’s mandated Recycling Bill (AB 939).

URM Technologies will provide a free analysis of your document destruction needs. We will set up a plan to suit you. We will also accommodate your seasonal or one-time needs.

At URM Technologies, we are a privately owned, client-focused company with bonded personnel. We are also members of Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISM) and the Association for Information Management Professionals (ARMA). Working with a member of professional associations guarantees that you have an industry leader, someone who sets high standards, on your team.

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