URM Technologies SecureDrive

Organize, Automate and Manage the Document Lifecycle with URM Technologies’ SecureDrive™

The hosting service allows you to securely organize and store content, automate workflows, and manage the entire lifecycle of your files and documents. Automate processes in highly regulated industries in a cost-effective and compliant way without having to keep up with technology, security updates, maintenance, or in-house support. URM Technologies SecureDrive™ manages the entire document workflow with an easy to organize and completely secure turn-key user experience.

Count on the Best Security and Traceability

While Exceeding Compliance Standards

URM Technologies’ SecureDrive™ exceeds file security needs and expectations for the toughest of compliance environments including the healthcare, financial, and legal industries. Easily manage multiple levels of authentication for ultimate accountability and traceability. URM Technologies SecureDrive™ is tough enough to stand up to today’s sophisticated security threats. It is regularly maintained, constantly updated, and is always evolving to stay current and ahead of the curve.

Store, Sort, Deliver and Manage Content


Gone are the days of single users having vast amounts of unsecured information that needs to be stored locally and sent manually. Update old legacy file storage methods and create powerful compliant databases that can be retrieved securely across your organization.

With URM Technologies SecureDrive™ you can:

Sort and Store: Classify and group your content. Metatag and organize stored files including images, documents, videos, sensitive records, and more.

Easily Search and Deliver: Quickly find any file you are looking for at the touch of a button.

Attain Files Across Your Organization: Manage access and permissions from one central location.

Simple and Secure Solutions for Information Governance

URM Technologies SecureDrive™ enables any size business to standardize file access across the board.
  • Easily implemented automated policies that are compliant with HIPAA, FINRA SEC 17a-4, PCI, FedRAMP, FERPA, and more.
  • Enforce security policies, manage users and integrate with AD/LDAP for single sign-on (SSO).
  • Metatag system preserves required documents for legal compliance.
  • Securely store any type of file online–access it from any device, anytime.
  • Multiple levels of authentication and accountability.
  • Access real-time reporting with complete transparency.
  • Enterprise grade secure backup with no down-time.
  • Invite your partners, customers and vendors.
  • Collaborate with others remotely to work on the same documents.
  • Complete information governance from creation to destruction.

Secure File Collaboration for Limited Exposure

Enhance your infrastructure with URM Technologies SecureDrive™: manage files and sensitive documents easily across every device and quickly manage permissions for seamless collaboration.

Send Large Files Securely with Preview Mode

One Click Sends, No Email Attachments Required

It’s true, with URM Technologies SecureDrive™ you never have to worry about being able to send large files via email. Simply send any size file with a link. Plus, completely control how the end user accesses and exports the information. Set access, printing, and transfer permissions anytime. Preview files and immediately view them without ever needing to download them or sign up for another service or software.

One Company, One Invoice

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