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Automation, Compliance, and Data Management for the Best Customer Experience
URM is proud to be an OnBase solution provider offering content services designed to manage your digital data, documents, and processes in order to provide you with unlimited potential within your organization – all from one platform. Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to stay streamlined and efficient to reduce time, errors, and cost while managing their information. This advanced system stores your important content in one secure location and delivers immediate information to the people who need it anywhere they are connected. With OnBase get ready to increase your productivity, reduce security risks and maintain an orderly structure across your entire organization.

Customized Content Management is Key

Companies face many challenges to stay competitive. Any loss of productivity in your workload can mean a higher financial strain for your administration. Since both time and accuracy make a real impact on a company’s bottom line, OnBase by Hyland targets the top challenges many organizations encounter, such as:

Streamline, Empower, and Become More Secure.

By utilizing the OnBase platform organizations are given back their edge to compete.

Tailor-made to Give You the Power to Improve

OnBase transforms your organization by managing your content, processes, and cases on a single platform. Increase productivity, reduce security risks and create streamlined, efficient workflow across your entire organization. Whether you are creating a single departmental solution or are using it to revolutionize your entire business, OnBase gives you the power to improve your productivity and accuracy, eliminate security threats, reduce operating costs and connect your employees to the information they need anytime and from anywhere.

Next Level Content Management on One Secure Location

How does OnBase by Hyland manage to provide so many solutions to modern business challenges? OnBase provides the next level of content management solutions for your company’s needs by centralizing important information in one secure location. This strategy makes it easier to manage your business effectively, delivering relevant information to the right people when they need it, wherever they are.

OnBase goes further to ensure that your business is getting the most for its money by providing key capabilities such as:

Capture All of Your Content

Allowing customers to complete forms and make requests online

Measure and Report Your Success in Real Time

Lowering operating costs and multi-platform redundancies

Single System Information Management

Providing real-time visibility into the status of requests, transactions, and orders

Integrate OnBase with Other Applications

Increasing productivity by providing employees with instant access to content and processes from anywhere, even from a mobile device

Easy Access to Content from Anywhere

Reducing wasted time spent searching for documents and information

Store, Protect and Destroy Content

Minimizing security risk to important stored digital data

With all that OnBase can do it's never been easier to transform your organization with just a single platform.

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