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Powerful ECM Solutions

The power behind URM Technologies’ Enterprise Content Management solution is simple—we listen to our clients and take every need and request seriously. The deployment process begins with a series of questions to learn how URM Technologies can improve your strategy. Then, we design a plan that is similar to your current process, which shortens the learning curve and enhances overall efficiency.

Perfect the Plan

Assess the Process

The process starts with a consultation to find the unique solution for each role in your company. The interview process ensures that every need and concern is addressed before developing the ultimate Enterprise Content Management solution.

Train and Repeat

Manage and Integrate

URM Technologies trains your employees to ensure your Enterprise Content Management solution will work as a simple tool to utilize — avoiding any potential headaches of a drastic overhaul in workflow processes when it comes to task completion.

Streamline Data

Capture and Store

ECM Solutions allow you to easily and securely collect and retrieve data across multiple platforms and devices.

Sophisticated, Scalable, Simple

Easy to Use Enterprise Content Management Software

Enterprise Content Management solutions are sophisticated, scalable, easy to use, and configurable with all types of software and workflows. URM Technologies’ system is completely customizable and fully automates your company’s document management strategy in its entirety.

Compliant, Cost-Effective Document Services

Instead of offering an abundance of bells and whistles that won’t help your bottom line, URM Technologies customizes your Enterprise Content Management plan to fit your specific requirements by integrating systems that are optimized to meet your needs.

Fully Compliant with HIPAA, SEC, ISO, and the FDA

Every high-security industry can utilize URM Technologies’ Enterprise Content Management solutions and be fully within regulatory requirements.

Including: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Legal and More!

The URM Technologies solutions fit for three types of options:

Local Networks

Cloud Hosted and SaaS

(Software as a Service)

Hybrid Combination

(Both Local Network and SaaS)

ECM Workflow Automation Benefits Your Bottom Line:

  • Flexible: Each option supports structured and unstructured data
  • Scalable: Right services customized to fit your firm
  • Cost-Effective: Reduce paper use and find key documents fast
  • Time Saving: Manage all of your documents from a single location across your organization
  • Completely Secure: Every data file is under the highest security

Less Paper, More Content

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Instead of piecemealing your solutions, connect the entire lifecycle of your document management. Consult with one of URM Technologies’ experts to learn how you can connect the dots for your entire organization by employing a range of services for a cost-effective, comprehensive workplace document and data content management program.
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