The Konica Minolta ScanDIVA scanner makes color scanning fast and simple, with originals in face-up position to protect book bindings and fragile documents. Also, the superior imaging precision and 600 dpi output resolution makes for digitizing highly detailed text and graphics so you can give your clients the best imaging possible.

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Color / B&W


Other Features

  • Fast scanning of a full-color 11” x 17” 2-page spread in as little as 6 seconds
  • Scans originals up to 18” x 24” in face-up position to protect book bindings and fragile prints
  • On-screen preview and zoom on the book scanner lets you to view your originals
  • The book scanner lets you create color scans of 3D objects up to 2” high: small collectibles and coins
  • Clean, crisp scan resolution with 24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale, 1-bit B&W imaging
  • Versatile scan modes for books, sheets, 3D objects and 2-page spreads to speed your work
  • Automatic correction for book curvature, center-shadow erasing, and masking fingers holding down pages
  • Powerful ImageDIVA software with intuitive interface makes network scanning and printing quick and effortless

Highlighted Accessories

Highlighted Accessories

  • Angle Book Holder adjusts to reduce stress on thick or fragile bindings
  • Manual Switch makes operation easier in long scanning sessions
  • Glass Plate Unit helps flatten the surface of originals for better scanning
  • Glass Plate Switch Kit for automated scanning on the book scanner

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