Better Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

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With so much valuable information on the web today, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. For financial institutions processing tax information, bank statements, personal identity details and more, protecting digital data from potential online threats is a growing concern. Noncompliance with government regulations or leaked access to sensitive consumer intelligence can result in serious financial consequences, as well as irreparable damage to a company’s reputation. Providing your institution with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy through URM Technologies guarantees government compliance and peace of mind with advanced cybersecurity and incident-response plans for lock-tight data protection.


Security Intelligence

URM’s ECM solutions utilize Konica Minolta’s impressive All Covered security suite for maximum protection. From assessing vulnerabilities in online safety to encrypting highly sensitive data and protecting against malicious activity and security breaches, All Covered’s suite is the ultimate defense against ever-changing security threats that can wreak unexpected havoc on a financial firm. All Covered remains constantly up-to-date on new developments in web risks so industry professionals don’t have to.


Incident Response

While prevention is always the first priority, the All Covered security suite takes a step beyond cybersecurity with an incident response plan. Features like the 24/7 security monitoring, along with log management for incident identification and response are utilized to detect suspicious activity and ensure that corrective action is taken. All Covered’s rapid response time quickly shuts down online threats before they become security breaches. Additionally, frequent activity reports track data safety incidents and continue to improve your company’s cybersecurity intelligence over time.



With Konica Minolta’s All Covered security suite, government compliance is built into the core creation of your cybersecurity. All Covered provides access to certified security and compliance professionals who will create and maintain a written information security program that ensures compliance within the NIST Cybersecurity Framework regulatory guidelines. Having professional compliance consultants built directly into an Enterprise Content Management plan allows financial industry administrators to focus their energy on the daily affairs of business with confidence, knowing that their information security needs are always being maintained.


URM Technologies, Inc.

With advanced security technologies available today, there is no excuse for a lack of protection when it comes to consumer data. To find out more about how an ECM strategy and Konica Minolta’s All Covered plan will benefit your financial firm, contact a URM representative today.

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