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How Financial Service Providers are Reducing Operational Costs with ECM

No vertical knows the importance of being “smart about money” better than the financial services industry. It is critical for your workplace to run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in order to provide your clientele with the best possible service. Upgrading to a digital office and utilizing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy from URM Technologies is a great way to reduce operational costs by minimizing administrative expenses, improving daily workflow, and tracking inefficiencies so you always know where there may be room to improve.


Less Paper and Administrative Expenses

Because paper-based office systems are both costly and cumbersome, financial institutions are finding more reasons than ever to switch to digital data operations. Konica Minolta equipment provided through URM Technologies saves time and money by cutting down on paper use and physical storage, drastically reducing time spent on data entry and improving accuracy with intelligent scanning that eliminates expensive human errors in clerical work. Smart machines quickly and reliably scan and digitally organize loan documents, receipts, checks and more, making information easily accessible and workflow more efficient than ever. With less paper waste and more administrative hours free to focus on other tasks, digitally run offices are high on productivity and low on unnecessary overhead.


Sharing and Mobility

Another way that resourceful financial service providers are benefiting from Enterprise Content Management is through digital sharing and access. In an increasingly global and fast-moving world, employees and clients alike are leaning more on mobile access to do their banking and financial tasks. Digital documentation empowers businesses with the ability to instantly and securely put information into the hands of their shared members via any smartphone or tablet. Mobile printing, scanning, and collaboration features allow staff to make the most of their time while working from any location. Whether you’re staying connected during company travel time or opting for fully remote employment, ECM will enable greater productivity and save your company both time and money.


Managed Print Services

One of the most powerful tools when it comes to reducing costs is knowing where your company has room to improve. When using a URM Enterprise Content Management strategy, financial companies are provided with personal consultation services and tailor-made solutions to fully ensure that your spending is being spent in the smartest and most efficient ways possible. Streamlined operational solutions help identify waste, consolidate systems, manage equipment, resolve technical issues and track cost per print. With the personalization of managed print services and the technology behind Konica Minolta equipment, financial corporations are taking the guesswork out of business and discovering how modern technology can transform their firm’s bottom line.


URM Technologies

When it comes to gaining a competitive edge while saving more of your company’s valuable assets, an Enterprise Content Management plan from URM Technologies can do it all. To start doing more for your financial institution contact one of our representatives today.

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