ECM and Achieving the Workplace Trifecta

Explaining the Trifecta

Enterprise Content Management is changing the way people do business today. With an increasing number of businesses taking advantage of the benefits of these plans, there has never been a better time to find out just what makes a solid Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy so important and how it can create a state of optimal productivity in your workplace. The three core pillars of ECM are cutting-edge equipment, advanced software, and top-of-the-line service strategies. These pillars work in harmony to create a powerful Workplace Trifecta – or a perfect storm – of efficiency that promises to take any office to the next level.



Making sure your office is outfitted with the right hardware is the first step in creating a workspace that functions at maximum capacity. Technology-enabled equipment like intelligent scanners from URM are helping businesses every day to work smarter instead of harder. Companies are relying on machines like the multifunction color printer Konica Minolta Bizhub C658, which offers a 65 ppm print/copy output and standard single-pass dual scanning at up to 240 originals per minute. This multi-function tool also features a large 10.1” color panel with a mobile connectivity area, standard IWS/web browser and 4 GB of memory, all making it possible to easily sort, scan, and accurately identify large volumes of information at one time. Capabilities like these are great for businesses looking to save money by reducing human error and alleviating remedial office tasks, freeing up valuable staff hours to care for everything else that matters.



Once your office is up and running with the right equipment, it’s time to look at the ways cutting-edge software can revolutionize your workplace. Utilizing the right software for your industry, workload, and company needs will help you to manage your digital data smarter and more effectively. URM Technologies has partnered with many different software companies to provide you with tailored solutions for optimal ECM results. Working with URM on a customizable plan also ensures that your various software programs are integrated and working together to create the best system possible for your office needs. Software from companies such as Laserfiche helps to manage, process, and secure your important digital information. Print Audit software also provides user analytics to better track and manage their print fleets. This assists clients to reduce spending costs, improve their bottom line efficiencies, and even view tools portraying how greatly their print management is affecting the environment. With all that software has to offer today, the possibilities of what you can do with your business are near limitless and with an ECM strategy from URM, maximizing that potential has never been easier.



One of the most important parts of any area of business is the service you receive. Enterprise Content Management is no exception. Having the right equipment and the latest software will only take you so far without the right strategy to make them work to your advantage. URM Technologies is able to provide an enhanced, personalized plan to maximize your workflow potential. From recommending equipment and software to providing services like Managed Print and All Covered IT solutions by Konica Minolta, to keeping a schedule for document shredding and media destruction, URM provides an all-inclusive office remedy. URM ensures a single hub to care for all your data management needs quickly and accurately, freeing up time and money to be spent elsewhere for your business. URM’s ECM services are the tool any office needs to fully automate their many workflows to run as smoothly as possible.


URM Technologies

URM Technologies makes the Workplace Trifecta easy and attainable with comprehensive, personalized Enterprise Content Management strategies, which enable companies to perform at their peak. Through partnerships with trusted names in hardware and software, as well as services catered to your everyday individual needs, there has never been a better time to contact a URM representative and transform your business processes.

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