Greater Information Security for Your Government Agency

URM Technologies designs Enterprise Content Management programs to help government agencies protect their sensitive information.

While government agencies can vary widely in size and function, our local, state, and federal offices must all abide by strict regulations and take extra precautions to care for the highly sensitive information they process. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a powerful tool for agencies seeking to reduce the risk of security breaches and leaked information. Advanced ECM strategies offer options to securely host, recover, and destroy data and documents so that agencies can rest easy knowing that their information is protected with lock-tight security measures.


Captured Information

When it comes to caring for the highly-regulated and complicated security needs of a government agency, it is important to take every precaution to ensure data is never misplaced. Converting hardcopy documents to digital files is one of the greatest tools afforded by modern technology in terms of safeguarding important government records. This early step of the ECM process allows more accurate control, greater organization, and easy retrieval – all with increased security functions. A combination of Konica-Minolta hardware and advanced software provided by URM Technologies, for example, can protect against unauthorized access, modification, and deletion of highly sensitive material.


SecureDrive Hosting Service

To reduce the risk of information leaks while getting the most out of managing your digital document processing, check out SecureDrive Hosting from URM Technologies. This tool allows users to organize and store content, automate workflows, and monitor important data through its entire lifecycle. URM Technologies’ SecureDrive helps government agencies to remain compliant in a highly-regulated industry. Constantly evolving technology keeps your data safe from security risks through automatic updates that stay ahead of the latest potential threats. SecureDrive offers data hosting with true peace of mind and a high return on investment, making it increasingly popular amongst modern government agencies.


Archive and Disaster Recovery

The ECM needs of government agencies go beyond digital data storage. Agencies also need user-friendly solutions for hardcopy electronic or tape archiving. Working in the public sector often equates to long-term archival requirements which can be both burdensome and risky. Archiving your data with URM Technologies saves space and mitigates loss and potential threats. Your information is securely scanned, logged, and then monitored on daily, weekly, and monthly rotations. This not only keeps your information safe, but makes retrieval easy at any time, from any location and across any department. When archived files are no longer needed, URM Technologies provides NAID-compliant destruction of government information for safe and secure disposal.


URM Technologies

To find out more about how ECM solutions are advancing to better protect government information or to learn how you can create a customized strategy for your agency, contact a URM representative today.

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August 20, 2019

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