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URM Technologies designs Enterprise Content Management programs to help government agencies save time and money.

People working in the public sector are not strangers to the demands of staying on a budget. In fact, government employees are often faced with the challenge of finding creative, new ideas to run their departments as efficiently as possible with limited financial resources. For many of these agencies, updating to the latest, cutting edge technologies can seem like an expense which might be too costly to carry out. However, with the modern benefits of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – reduction in paper, decreased staff hours, improved accuracy, a streamlined workflow, and easy access to information across any department – ECM is actually a great way to save any government agency valuable budget dollars all while increasing the speed and performance of your institution.


Save Money While Reducing Waste

Green initiatives are in high demand and the savings they can bring to government offices make them a no-brainer. Eliminating paper-based forms, processing, and storage is not only good for the environment, but it helps to lay the groundwork for saving money through faster, more efficient document management. Government facilities that convert from paper to e-forms see a significant return on investment in as little as 6 months. To get started, utilize state-of-the-art equipment like the Konika-Minolta scanners, which are available through URM Technologies. These machines quickly sort, scan, and digitize information, eliminating the need for multiple hard copies or additional storage space. Do away with manual data entry to reduce errors and processing time, giving money back to your budget and hours back to your staff to spend in higher priority areas.


Streamlining Government Workflow

Whether an agency deals in law enforcement, planning and public works, or public records, government offices see a never-ending stream of data coming through their daily workflow. With a solid Enterprise Content Management solution, agencies can electronically control government documents, making data more manageable and processing more convenient. Tools like automated routing and tracking enable seamless, secure transactions with faster turnaround and fewer errors. Digitized information helps organize, process, and revise documents leading to reduced operating costs, allowing your department to perform more efficiently than ever before.


Access Information

One of the greatest benefits of digital information is that it can be accessed anywhere in many different ways. Digitally stored information reduces staff hours wasted searching through filing cabinets and speeds up secure document sharing. Options, such as mobile access, allows field employees to increase their number of daily site visits, inspections, and other tasks through easy access to client and location information and forms as well as with the ability to upload data on-site in real-time. Records and information made available to the public help lower office traffic and in turn, support a healthier administrative budget all around.


URM Technologies

As you can tell, a customizable ECM plan from URM Technologies can help take your government facility to an enhanced level of performance while strengthening your budget in the process. Contact us today for more information.

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