Scanning Solutions for Every Industry

Scanning Solutions for Every Industry

It’s no secret the world is changing, and with new growth in technology, our workplaces are rapidly shifting as well. While streamlined business solutions are the wave of the future, the process of modernizing any business can sometimes feel overwhelming. Luckily, URM Technologies offers intelligent solutions that increase data security while reducing the need for paper and costly extra administrative tasks. Whether your business is in banking, local government, or another industry, URM Technologies is here to help you.


Banking and Financial Institutions

While handling financial documents, security and accuracy are key. Keeping that in mind, URM Technologies is working hard to bring banks and financial institutions secure scanning solutions that enable them to accomplish more with their information. With features that make scanning and retrieving information easier than ever, documents such as online forms, applications, property titles, mortgage origination files, lending documents, identification cards, and checks, are uploaded securely and error-free. Intelligent scanning from URM empowers the financial industry to protect valuable customer information, giving companies a competitive edge and customers the peace of mind they deserve.


Insurance Companies

Whether working in medical, auto, life, or workers compensation insurance, it is the priority of the insurance company to provide the highest assurance to their clients. URM Technologies allows modern insurance brokerages the ability to automatically capture information on anything from paper to email, and to securely validate, manage, and export it as needed. Our document scanning solutions provide efficiency when it comes to enrollment, records management, customer service, credentialing and premium process. Ensuring the safety and ease of your document imaging is what URM Technologies does best.


Healthcare Industry

You wouldn’t take chances with your health, and you wouldn’t want your healthcare provider taking chances with your healthcare documents. URM Technologies understands the importance of intelligent scanning to the healthcare industry. Our medical record scanning solutions allow healthcare companies to capture, classify and process health or patient documents such as admission forms, insurance cards, lab reports, and health records seamlessly and precisely. With intelligent document imaging, you can archive medical records with ease, and securely scan credentials, claims, and grievances faster and with less administrative costs. It’s no wonder healthcare professionals everywhere are relying on URM Technologies to take care of their needs, as well as their patients.


Government Bodies

Heavily regulated agencies such as government departments are reaping huge benefits from URM Technologies’ intelligent capture solutions. High-tech scanning solutions better assist government agencies with improvements in speed and quality, all while keeping tighter budgets. Paper and electronic documents such as checks, remittances, tax returns, public records, grants, contracts, eligibility documents, and more are effortlessly verified and maintained helping to free up time and money for more important items on the agenda.


URM Technologies

No matter what business you’re in, URM Technologies has the right solution to help. If you are in the market for document scanning services near you, contact URM Technologies today to find out how we can start working for you.



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April 5, 2019

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