What Is Intelligent Scanning?

What Is Intelligent Scanning?

Are you just getting familiar with the concept of intelligent scanning and are still unsure what exactly it is or how the process works? Maybe you like what you see so far but are not yet clear on how the world of document imaging can best work for you. Intelligent scanning is a new way to modernize business workflow using the latest advances in both hardware and software. Gaining a better understanding of the process of document imaging is the first step in learning how advances in intelligent scanning can revolutionize the way you do business.


From the outset, URM Technologies strives to make your intelligent scanning process simple. With our user-friendly machines, paper documents of all sizes and weights are easily uploaded through an adjustable feeder with open track design that allows businesses to scan information from invoices to IDs quickly and securely. Emails, mobile images, and web forms are automatically captured and classified, reducing staff hours and administrative fees. Thanks to URM Technologies’ document scanning services, fast and reliable data collection has never been so easy or secure.

Identify and Inspect

Remember the days of blurry scanned images and misread information? With intelligent scanning solutions from URM Technologies, digital files are error-free and easy to read. Our advanced software recognizes both structured and unstructured information, making quality-control a breeze. Extract data with complete accuracy and efficiency. Our Intelligent Capture Suite actually improves its own performance and quality as it captures. Fewer mistakes mean less time and money lost — just one of the many benefits of intelligent scanning.

Secure Hosting

Information is collected, classified, and stored for easy management and retrieval — even on-the-go. Options like our SecureDrive™ allow users to take full advantage of your data. Whether you are looking for remote access for employees, clients, or multi-branch corporations, secure hosting provides a hassle-free solution to automate workflows, assign permissions controls, and manage the entire lifecycle of your files. In this way, document scanning services are revolutionizing the way companies are managing tax forms, medical records, banking materials, and other vital documentation.

URM Technologies

As you can tell, there’s a reason it’s called intelligent scanning. Progress in both hardware and software are now helping companies save time and money on document scanning needs. If you’re ready to retire your old legacy software or would like to find out more about the benefits of document scanning services, contact us today! URM Technologies’ capture-experts can analyze your document workflow and recommend a strategy tailored to your specific needs.



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April 8, 2019

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