Streamlining Your Entire Workflow

Streamlining Your Entire Workflow

For many companies, one of the biggest draws of intelligent scanners is their ability to simplify so many administrative tasks. Modern advances in the world of scanning technology save time and increase accuracy, leading to greater productivity at lower costs to businesses. From scanning, to storing, to retrieving, the folks at URM Technologies offer seamless solutions that reduce labor, store smarter, and improve accuracy. Here is a closer look at how document scanning services can enable any organization to create the most efficient workspace possible.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

One of the greatest expenses employers face today is employing their workforce. As companies expand and project sizes increase, so do the administrative costs of keeping business moving. Modern document imaging services utilize the latest in both hardware and software technology to reduce the amount of labor needed to get the job done right. For example, with machines that feature multi-sized document feeders capable of scanning up to 429 pages per minute while the server sorts, identifies, and classifies information for you, businesses can reduce both the need for additional labor and human error. Employing intelligent scanners enables industry management to say goodbye to dated methods of data entry and increase company efficiency by allowing staff members to spend more of their valuable time being productive elsewhere.

Information Uploaded

Another way document imaging is improving industry efficiency is through digital storage. Paperless offices are now standard in a modern business world, thanks to benefits such as reduced paper cost, less wasted physical space, and the ability to quickly and easily deliver information to employees, clients, patients, and constituents. Additionally, because digital data is stored on a regularly backed-up, cloud-based server, it is a safer alternative to paper files and eliminates lost documentation while increasing security. Digital storage is a powerful tool that provides a smarter solution to keeping people connected, streamlining data retrieval, and allowing any business to access what is important at any time.

Improved Accuracy

With manual, labor-intensive functions like data entry and physical file storage and retrieval, simple administrative tasks can be not only time-consuming and inefficient, but wrought with human error. Dated methods of high-volume scanning can also increase the risk of misread documentation. If important information is inaccurately logged, it means more time and money wasted in the correction process. Intelligent scanning software not only captures and sorts data clearly and accurately but gives users the ability to adjust and repair information to ensure digitized documents are error-free every time. By helping to reduce time wasted on correcting everyday errors, document imaging keeps office productivity high and businesses running at top speed.

URM Technologies

At URM Technologies we are excited to help your business achieve greater productivity through integrated scanning and storage solutions. Contact one of our helpful customer service representatives today to learn more about how modern advances in scanning technology are waiting to work for you.



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May 21, 2019

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