The Benefits of Digitized Data

The Benefits of Digitized Data

Everyone knows that in order to stay competitive in the fast-paced world of modern enterprise you must utilize the latest in all that technology has to offer. The competitive edge gained through the utilization of intelligent scanning and digital records management is no exception. URM Technologies document scanning services enable businesses to go further by providing benefits like convenient, on-the-go access to information, extra security features, and endless storage space with disaster recovery — all with lower operating costs than the outdated data capture processes of the past. Read on to find out more about what intelligent scanners can do for your business.

Information Anywhere

One of the greatest perks of technology is its ability to do work wherever you choose. With intelligent, high-speed scanning, companies can stay connected from anywhere in the world. Whether you want to connect several branches of your business or simply allow employees access to information from the comfort of their home office, secure scanning and cloud storage can help. Take advantage of URM Technologies’ Secure Drive, a hosting service that allows you to securely store and retrieve information across your entire organization from any device. By utilizing digital records management, your network will gain additional control over accurate, instant data, giving you a competitive edge in any industry.

No More Wasted Space

If old file cabinets are starting to take up valuable space in your office or if you’re tired of buying and storing paper, let digital scanning rescue you from the burden of physical storage. In addition to being a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative, storing information digitally helps to reduce security threats, gives you instant access to files, and eliminates concern over lost data. From medical records to government contracts, document imaging allows businesses in any industry to say goodbye to clutter safety and easily — all while cutting down on costly overhead.

Disaster Recovery

When it comes to caring for your company’s important information, it is always good to have a backup. URM Technologies helps to keep your sensitive files safe with a secure database that uses the leading records and information management software. URM’s clients can take advantage of the disaster-proof storage system, TrackTape. This superior software system allows users to store documents and media to a proprietary module at regular intervals and access stored data at any time. This makes TrackTape a perfect fit for safe, reliable disaster recovery. Thanks to the aid of digitized data, you never have to worry about losing your valuable material again.

URM Technologies

There are so many benefits to storing information digitally that it is easy to see why intelligent scanning and document management programs are so popular. At URM Technologies, we strive to provide your business with the latest and very best solutions in digital data to keep you competitive in today’s evolving world. Contact one of our friendly staff members today to learn more about how URM can start working for you.



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May 14, 2019

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