Improving the Quality of Patient Care with Digitized Data

Doctor Shows Patient Information on an iPad

Throughout the healthcare industry, medical offices and hospitals are relying on cutting-edge technology like digitized data solutions to help streamline workflows and create a more productive administrative experience. While many of us are already familiar with various behind-the-scenes benefits of going digital, we tend to forget many aspects of how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and a ‘paperless’ office are also beneficial to your patients. In fact, a digital office means showing patients they’re valued by reducing their wait and registration times, strengthening communication, and lowering costs – all while freeing up staff hours so your time and money are always generating a rapid return on investment.


Saving Time

One of the most common gripes individuals have with their healthcare professionals is long processing or wait times. Upgrading to digital data and an ECM strategy with URM Technologies is the perfect solution to the disruption of wasted time. State-of-the-art Konica Minolta machines and All Covered Healthcare IT Services offer medical professionals endless capabilities; one of which is registration packet preparation, so registration forms can be quickly printed and reviewed by patients upon their arrival. Electronic waitlists and queue management tools are useful for prioritizing multiple waitlists and routing patients to specific registrars based on their individual needs. With All Covered Healthcare IT’s many customizable options, seeing patients is more prompt and efficient than ever.


Better Communication

Another way Konica Minolta’s All Covered Healthcare IT Service can improve the patient experience is through communication. With tools like lobby display and advanced messaging, the interaction between patients, staff, and concerned parties is taken to the next level. While in the waiting room, patients can take advantage of the greeter display board to direct them where to go, while loved ones can get real-time status updates on their family members. Your office can also use the greeter board to inform patients with advanced messaging alerts, which can also provide clinicians and the patients’ family members status updates via email or text message. Keeping your patients and team members informed ensures that operations are running smoothly and that people being treated feel cared for.


Resources Where They Matter

Streamlining office procedures is a great way for healthcare professionals to reduce administrative costs and avoid wasting valuable time on tedious tasks so they can reallocate resources to providing all-covered care for their patients. An enhanced ECM solution from URM Technologies empowers medical facilities with machines that quickly scan, sort, and process critical information. Patient data is easily storable, retrievable and shareable all within the reach of your fingertips. Updated technology means reducing data-entry time and eliminating human-error in clerical work. Medical professionals are now able to spend their time taking care of their patients, without the headache of overwhelming paperwork.


URM Technologies

For more information about going digital for the benefit of your healthcare facility and the people you serve, contact a URM Technologies representative today.

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September 19, 2019

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