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Overcoming HITECH Compliance Challenges

The creation of the HITECH Act has meant many changes to the way the healthcare industry is required to handle personal health information (PHI). In an industry that collects, processes, and shares so much of the personal information of its patients, medical facilities have a special responsibility to remain compliant with security regulations. An enterprise content management (ECM) solution from URM Technologies can steer medical offices through digital security challenges such as staying up to

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Improving the Quality of Patient Care with Digitized Data

Throughout the healthcare industry, medical offices and hospitals are relying on cutting-edge technology like digitized data solutions to help streamline workflows and create a more productive administrative experience. While many of us are already familiar with various behind-the-scenes benefits of going digital, we tend to forget many aspects of how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and a ‘paperless’ office are also beneficial to your patients. In fact, a digital office means showing patients they’re valued by

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Advanced Security Solutions for Better Patient Confidentiality

Healthcare professionals working in medical offices and hospitals today are faced with growing concerns for the security of their patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI). In an environment that handles such a high volume of personally-identifiable material, maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting personal information and medical history is more than just a courtesy; it’s the law. To protect patient confidentiality and ensure your organization is legally compliant, it is important to utilize an information management strategy

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Your Guide to Protecting PHI

Your Guide to Protecting PHI

Healthcare professions everywhere are taking advantage of the benefits of intelligent scanning and it’s no surprise; the technology behind digitized records has revolutionized the way hospitals can now protect public health information. From eliminating the need for easy-to-misplace paperwork, to state of the art secure sharing and storage capabilities, to safe and easy recovery and disposal, medical professionals can trust secure scanning with valuable patient records and information. Here are just a few of the

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