How ECM is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

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Every day, real estate companies are finding that Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way they perform their business. From property sales to property management, brokering real estate transactions involves countless multi-page applications and contracts waiting to be processed. Taking advantage of an ECM solution from URM Technologies, Inc. helps streamline document processing throughout its entire lifecycle, harnessing technology customized specifically to each firm’s budget and needs. Whether it be scanning, storing or shredding, URM has top-of-the-line Electronic Content Management strategies to transform the way your real estate office functions, helping you get the most out of your day-to-day operations.


Technology Tailored to Your Needs

Real estate brokers who are looking to gain the greatest benefits from an ECM strategy will find exactly what they are looking for by working with an experienced URM Technologies consultant. URM’s team of professionals understands how demanding real estate can be and is well-versed in designing unique solutions that provide any firm with the necessary tools they need to be successful. Because URM’s system is completely customizable, real estate administrators can choose the specific features that best fit their firm without paying for additional costly components that don’t. By creating ECM solutions that are flexible and cost-effective, brokers are able to achieve more than ever while staying within budget.


Scanning Services

The amount of paper documents handled daily by real estate professionals is burdensome and takes up an enormous physical footprint within an office. URM Technologies partners with Konica Minolta to provide real estate firms with scanners capable of capturing both structured and unstructured data from any document, converting it into a digital format that can be electronically filed, edited and retrieved with complete ease. High-capacity feeders work tirelessly to process and store lease templates, standard contract forms and more – freeing up countless staff hours for other valuable tasks. Digitally converted data guarantees a decrease in storage needs and minimizes losses or errors, leading to more money saved along with an increased accuracy in your workflow.


Store and Share

Productivity simply skyrockets once information is converted into a digital format. An Electronic Content Management strategy offers secure digital storage options which enable real estate brokers to accelerate the flow of property management applications, sales contracts, leasing agreements and more. Programs, such as Konica Minolta’s All Covered Security Suite also promise the highest caliber data security for stored information, while eliminating the risk of breaches to sensitive client information. Digitally stored documents become an invaluable tool for field agents working with busy clients, enabling sharing and collaboration across offices and devices, improving customer response time, expanding an agent’s reach, and giving real estate professionals the most competitive edge in the industry.


Stay Compliant with Top Security Features

Because buying or leasing a home requires clients to share personal information, there are often complex federal and regional compliance terms for real estate brokers to navigate. Federal Property Management Regulations, for instance, have been enacted to “prescribe policies concerning property management and related administrative activities,” and outline regulations geared to protect the security of consumer data in the real estate industry. There are also many regional and local housing ordinances pertaining to the practice of real estate and its information protections. An ECM strategy from URM Technologies protects your digital data with features, such as encrypted storage and secure sharing. When physical documents are no longer needed, URM provides fast, secure shredding that meets and exceeds all necessary regulations so you never need to worry about the security of your classified information.


URM Technologies, Inc.

Enterprise Content Management strategies are helping real estate professionals reach their maximum potential every day by streamlining business, lowering costs and providing peace of mind. To find out more about what an ECM solution can do for you, contact us today.

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