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Creating a Seamless Mortgage Experience for Your Clients

Mortgage companies are responsible for managing a high volume of sensitive client information. Paperwork such as tax records or work verifications can easily slow down organizational progress, as physical documents are difficult to sift through and commonly misplaced. In addition to slowing down an overall workflow, paper-reliant offices are at a higher risk for mishandling personal information. A customized Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution provided by URM Technologies, Inc. offers an easy and secure way

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How ECM is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Every day, real estate companies are finding that Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way they perform their business. From property sales to property management, brokering real estate transactions involves countless multi-page applications and contracts waiting to be processed. Taking advantage of an ECM solution from URM Technologies, Inc. helps streamline document processing throughout its entire lifecycle, harnessing technology customized specifically to each firm’s budget and needs. Whether it be

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The #1 Way Real Estate Offices are Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Real estate is a fast-moving industry where every minute and every dollar counts. Keeping administrative costs low and workflow efficiency high can give agents and brokers a powerful edge by freeing up valuable resources. Adopting an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy that combines high-tech hardware and cutting-edge software can save significant time and money by streamlining administrative tasks, achieving advanced organization and improving information security. ECM strategies better-connect agents, administrators, and clients so their transactions

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