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From primary school to college campuses, institutions for education are varied and plentiful. While these schools can differ in many ways, most complain of a similar struggle: juggling student support, document management, and data security in a highly regulated field. With high volumes of admission documents, student records, and other sensitive materials to look after, while also having to mind increasingly tight budgets, the education industry is perfectly positioned to enjoy the benefits of an enterprise content management program.


Cutting Costs

Implementing an ECM strategy is a great way to reduce costs by eliminating old-fashioned labor and paper-intensive administrative processes. High-tech Konica Minolta devices easily transfer paper documents to more secure digital data quickly and accurately – freeing up monies previously spent on physical storage and reducing wasted administrative hours which could be better spent elsewhere. Converting to digital data goes even further to save schools money by reducing data entry and costly human error. For additional savings, printing services allow schools to print forms, transcripts, class materials and more, for less. With an ECM strategy, it’s easy to track your exact cost per print and identify any inefficiencies along the way so more of your organization’s budget can be spent where it matters most.


Furthering Capabilities

Introduce your educational institution to the modern, cutting edge technology of digital data. Electronic documents such as scanned student forms, purchase orders, ID cards, test results, transcripts, letters and more are securely stored and easily accessed for faster processing. ECM Solutions allow you to easily and securely collect and retrieve data across multiple platforms and devices, giving authorized users access to information on-the-go. Intelligent technology allows administrators to send files of any size and dictate how users access and export information with comprehensive permissions controls to ensure data security. With the right ECM strategy in place, education administrators will see improvements across departments by making digital files available to any authorized user from any location.


Protecting Privacy and Staying Compliant

One of the great benefits of an enterprise content management program is the peace of mind you get from staying compliant with government regulations. An ECM strategy from URM Technologies monitors regulations such as FERPA, a federal law that protects the privacy of students’ personal records such as education records, files, contacts, and family information related directly to any student under the age of 18. Under FERPA, schools are required to get written consent before disclosing a child’s personally identifiable information to individuals other than the parent. Educational institutions that violate this law risk losing much-needed funds from the U.S. Department of Education. A well-structured enterprise content management system protects against the risk of violation and the consequences that go with it, making expert-regulated compliance one of the most important things administrators can do to protect their interests.


URM Technologies

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December 12, 2019

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