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In the complicated field of education, it may seem like there is no end in sight to what needs to get done. From managing classrooms and helping students, to processing admissions paperwork and minding strict government regulations, professionals working in education have a lot on their plate. URM Technologies understands the needs that are unique to schools and works hard to simplify the day to day operations of their clients. For institutions looking for the

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Work, Teach, and Communicate More Efficiently

From primary school to college campuses, institutions for education are varied and plentiful. While these schools can differ in many ways, most complain of a similar struggle: juggling student support, document management, and data security in a highly regulated field. With high volumes of admission documents, student records, and other sensitive materials to look after, while also having to mind increasingly tight budgets, the education industry is perfectly positioned to enjoy the benefits of an

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Navigating FERPA Regulations

Navigating FERPA Regulations

Long-term storage needs and tight budget constraints are just some of the challenges that schools and educators face when accessing and sharing documents without a modern document management system. Schools also must comply with strict Family and Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations.

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