Creating a Seamless Mortgage Experience for Your Clients

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Mortgage companies are responsible for managing a high volume of sensitive client information. Paperwork such as tax records or work verifications can easily slow down organizational progress, as physical documents are difficult to sift through and commonly misplaced. In addition to slowing down an overall workflow, paper-reliant offices are at a higher risk for mishandling personal information. A customized Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution provided by URM Technologies, Inc. offers an easy and secure way to convert, store, and share data digitally, eliminating security threats and facilitating with the best possible service for your clients.


Going Paperless

The first step in creating a more manageable, streamlined mortgage experience is reducing the amount of paper your office has to manage. To help you do this, URM has partnered with Konica Minolta to bring you the latest in intelligent scanning technologies. High-volume feeders quickly and accurately capture information and convert it into simple, searchable and editable digital data, which is automatically filed and stored for quick retrieval when needed. A reduction in paper means less stress, faster turnaround times and improved accuracy throughout your clients’ transactions.


Secure Storage

Among the top reasons that any mortgage firm should be utilizing an Enterprise Content Management strategy with URM Technologies is to take advantage of the outstanding data security it supplies. URM is a proud provider of the All Covered security suite from Konica Minolta, which offers the latest advances in cybersecurity, including redaction features. With software capabilities designed to identify security weaknesses and protect stored data from ending up in the wrong hands, Konica Minolta’s All Covered suite is a great way to combat the complex security threats that countless mortgage companies face today. In order to guarantee satisfaction, URM fully ensures their many customers, including mortgage brokers, the promise they can rest easy knowing they are always compliant with all federal property management and local housing directive regulations.


Sharing Made Easy

One of URM Technologies’ most unique solutions is the ability to share stored digital data amongst authorized users for a truly seamless home loan experience. Not only is digitized information accessible on a cloud-based storage system for faster response and in-house processing time, but electronic documents can also be safely distributed with clients, title companies and real estate brokers. By eliminating the need to sort, search or send physical files, mortgage companies can provide their clients with far better service and convenience when sending and receiving files.


URM Technologies, Inc.

URM Technologies strives to provide brokers with the right ECM plan to simplify the mortgage process for their clients. For more information on how you can get a custom-built strategy in your mortgage firm, contact a URM representative today.

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November 21, 2019

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