The #1 Way Real Estate Offices are Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

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Real estate is a fast-moving industry where every minute and every dollar counts. Keeping administrative costs low and workflow efficiency high can give agents and brokers a powerful edge by freeing up valuable resources. Adopting an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy that combines high-tech hardware and cutting-edge software can save significant time and money by streamlining administrative tasks, achieving advanced organization and improving information security. ECM strategies better-connect agents, administrators, and clients so their transactions run quicker and more smoothly than ever before.

Intelligent Scanning

URM Technologies, Inc. brings you the latest advances in Konica Minolta office equipment to drastically increase your office’s efficiencies. Konica Minolta machines scan, sort and digitally file information with incredible speed and accuracy. Their high-capacity automatic feeders sort documents of all sizes and weights while securely uploading information from checks, invoices, and more. By automating time-consuming scanning and data entry tasks and bringing these specialized services in house, firms are able to reduce wasted costs and eliminate human error, while creating clear digital information that is easier to monitor, manage and engage with for all parties.

Managed Print Services

Unfortunately, there’s no lack of paper in real estate. From closing documents to open house brochures and informative flyers, printing costs for real estate firms add up fast. The experts at URM Technologies work with firms to develop customized managed print strategies that streamline office processes, consolidate systems and track costs. Konica Minolta’s intelligent software calculates the exact cost per click (or print) while identifying inefficiencies that need to be addressed. Complete transparency creates less waste, precise forecasting and far greater control over your budget.

Safe Storage

URM Technologies manages the entire lifecycle of your business information. Current data can be stored through in-network or cloud-based servers. Information that requires long-term storage is transferred to a proprietary module of your choice, on either daily, weekly or monthly rotations. Access this information with the real-time media management system, TapeTrack Software, which allows users to uncover archived records anytime while providing top-notch disaster recovery. For physical information and media, secure, industry-compliant shredding services are available, promising a true peace-of-mind in terms of data destruction.

Connecting Your Network

As expected, real estate agents are constantly on the go. Whether it’s accessing calendars, viewing listing updates, uploading contract information or locating documents, the life of a real estate professional demands remote access to information. With URM Technologies’ cloud-based storage system, users can access and share files remotely, never compromising the privacy of sensitive client information. URM experts will work with your firm to design an ECM plan tailored to save money and fit your exact needs.

URM Technologies, Inc.

In an industry as competitive as real estate, an ECM strategy is a powerful tool imperative to your success. Contact URM Technologies today for a free, no-obligation workflow analysis.

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