Your Guide to Protecting PHI

Your Guide to Protecting PHI

Healthcare professions everywhere are taking advantage of the benefits of intelligent scanning and it’s no surprise; the technology behind digitized records has revolutionized the way hospitals can now protect public health information. From eliminating the need for easy-to-misplace paperwork, to state of the art secure sharing and storage capabilities, to safe and easy recovery and disposal, medical professionals can trust secure scanning with valuable patient records and information. Here are just a few of the ways that intelligent scanning can help you better care for your patients and protect their public health information.


Ending the Paperwork Trail

From insurance forms to patient medical records, the healthcare industry has traditionally been burdened with a heavy trail of paper documents. Thanks to new technology in medical record scanning, hospitals and medical offices are getting the modern makeover they deserve. Intelligent scanning allows medical professionals to create digital records that follow the patient through their entire chain of care. In addition to reducing costly data-entry time and resources, offices can improve accuracy and reduce stray paperwork. What this means to medical offices is a more efficiently run, well-organized workplace. For patients, this means peace of mind knowing their personal information is given all the care and safety that modern technology can provide.


Secure Sharing and Storage

After patient information is scanned, the safe handling of this personal data continues to be top priority. URM’s SecureDrive hosting guarantees that all confidential materials are given the safeguarding they deserve. With regular updates to stay ahead of security threats and an easy-to-use platform for managing stored documents, SecureDrive is a logical choice for the healthcare industry. Document scanning and storage makes information easier and safer to share and access. Additionally, workstation authentications and credential verifications ensure HIPAA compliance and enable safe access of information for satellite offices and patients themselves. In an industry where confidentiality is everything, intelligent scanning is the key to keeping sensitive public health information secure.


Recovery and Disposal

When it comes to the security of public health information, URM Technologies provides a user-friendly way to manage the entire process down to archived medical records and final destruction. Keeping files on record is simple with digital data. Plus, disaster recovery services and backup servers give administrators in the medical field assurance that their public health information will always be there when it needs to be. Once medical records have been safely archived, utilize URM shredding services to quickly and safely destroy paper documents that continue to take up storage space and pose security threats. From beginning to end, intelligent scanning is there to protect the entire lifecycle of your patient information.


URM Technologies

Can’t wait to see all the ways intelligent scanning can secure your public health information? If you are curious about what services could improve your hospital or medical office, contact URM Technologies today and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives. Don’t forget to take advantage of our complimentary shredding, FREE with your workflow analysis.


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June 18, 2019

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