Intelligent Scanning for Your Law Firm

Intelligent Scanning for Your Law Firm

Intelligent scanning is a technology that is revolutionizing the way many industries do business. Built to save companies time and money while freeing up physical space and increasing confidentiality, intelligent scanners are quickly becoming invaluable fixtures in the legal field. To find out more about how you can join the growing number of law firms already taking advantage of the benefits of secure scanners read on.


Save Time and Money

Looking to save more of your companies valuable time and money is a no-brainer. With document imaging, you can do just that. Secure scanning allows your law firm to reduce operational expenses and increase productivity. These machines, for example, feature multi-volume document feeders that sort various sizes of documents and utilize cutting edge technology to batch and sort your data clearly and accurately, reducing costly human error. This process provides a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to your scanning needs with the accuracy and attention to detail your legal documents require. With a combination of precision and efficiency, intelligent scanners are helping legal professionals focus their talents and time where it’s needed most.


Free-Up More Space

When working with legal documents, it’s easy for an office to get weighed down with cabinets full of paperwork. Physical paperwork not only takes up precious storage space, but involves time-consuming upkeep that is often a factor when it comes to managing security risks. Help free up room in your office by utilizing document scanning. Storing information digitally reduces office clutter and paper costs while providing secure access to information from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Less paper means a more organized and efficient workplace, lower environmental impact, and an easier, safer means of sharing your important legal files. With intelligent scanning at work in your office, the more orderly, easy-to-manage law firm you’ve always imagined is finally within reach.


Keep it Confidential

Whether your workload consists of reports, deeds, contracts, or Subpoenas, intelligent scanning is the perfect solution to protect your sensitive legal documents. Document imaging greatly reduces the risk of lost or breached information by eliminating the need to store paper files. With options like URM’s TrackTape, information is stored on a regularly backed up cloud-based server with built-in security features that allow your firm to safely recover and access lost data. Once records are no longer needed, your firm can take advantage of defensible media destruction to securely destroy paperwork at agreed upon intervals. In the legal profession, security is the last place you want to take a risk. Let the technology behind secure scanning help ensure your firm’s valuable information is as safe as it should be.


URM Technologies

If you are a legal professional looking to lower overhead while storing information smarter and more safely, contact a friendly URM representative today. See how intelligent scanning can give your law office the modern edge it deserves.


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June 26, 2019

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