Simplifying IT for Legal Professionals

The contemporary law firm needs modern solutions to stay competitive. Because legal offices create and process many sensitive documents and are often overrun with paperwork, choosing the right technology can determine the outcome of a firm’s bottom line. With Enterprise Content Management, law firms are being revolutionized with simple solutions in Information Technology that streamline workflows, protect priority documents, and securely share and destroy information. Taking advantage of advances in information technology through Enterprise Content Management can help legal offices reduce costs, improve accuracy, and keep a competitive edge in the modern market.


Simplifying and Streamlining

The legal industry faces many specific challenges from sorting, searching, and storing documents to preventing offices from being buried in administrative expenses. Legal professionals that take control of their firms with a customizable Enterprise Content Management plan can achieve one easy solution for many of the problems that modern law office face. URM Technologies (URM) can help firms like yours to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology through Konica Minolta’s All Covered program, which provides one comprehensive solution for all your technology needs. Konica Minolta equipment combines cutting edge hardware and software that scans, sorts, and digitally files information with incredible speed and accuracy, cutting down on unnecessary office expenses. With URM’s strategy and Konica Minolta’s technology, workplace efficiency has never been easier.


Cloud-Based Solutions

One great advantage to advances in technology is the ability to work anywhere at any time. Storing information in a cloud server offers solutions for information back up, increased office space, disaster recovery, and more. Information is securely uploaded into cloud servers eliminating the need for cumbersome file cabinets and allowing information to be safely retrieved and shared from anywhere employees choose to work. Cloud-based document management makes tracking and sharing information as simple as the touch of a finger. URM specializes in designing bespoke Enterprise Content Management plans that address the specific needs of your particular law office.


Privacy Protected

Anyone working in the legal field today understands the importance of maintaining client privacy. Law firms are tasked with processing an abundance of highly sensitive information and face stricter regulatory compliance measures than ever before. A solid Enterprise Content Management Strategy protects your firm from risks like malware and data corruption and loss. The Konica Minolta All Covered program offers security consultation to establish procedures and policies that will make sure you are compliant with all regulations and handling your clients’ priority information with the greatest care and concern. Practices like vulnerability assessments help remedy areas that have become weak over time. Advanced technology protects stored information from future security threats. Having both the technology and the strategic plans to best utilize it is what will give your firm the lock-tight client privacy it requires.


URM Technologies

There are so many ways that an Enterprise Content Management plan can help simplify today’s busy law firm. For more information, contact a URM customer service representative today.


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July 12, 2019

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